Swinging Parties

Your Own Swinging Party Con't

  • For a more relaxing and comfortable mood provides a variety of music.
  • It is an optional for you to provide finger food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If you want your guests to bring there own beverages or a plate of finger food put it on the invitation.
  • Have ready plenty of condoms around the rooms and area designated for sexual activities for those guests who have forgotten to bring theirs’.
  • If you have children, organize them to stay with relatives or friends for the night or weekend.
  • If you have pets have them securely place in areas such as the backyard, garage or unused room, but make sure that you provide them with sufficient amount of food and water.
  • To make your home swinging party more interest why not set a theme so all the guest can dress up.

Remember, don’t over work yourself and your partner in organizing the party and forget that you both deserve to enjoy and have equal fun just like your guest.



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