Your Own Swinging Party

Events and parties hosted by swingers themselves at the comfort of their own home is vast becoming a popular affair. Many believe the home surrounding not only provides a more relaxing atmosphere, but a more discreet environment.

So how should you and your partner start organizing your own swinger party? There are several things that should be done and organize before hand to ensure the guest feel welcome. Check out some of these:

  • Making sure that house is clean.
  • Allocate the rooms that are going to be use for the occasion such as social, private and open areas. Ensuring that the rooms with beds have clean fresh sheets on them.
  • Make sure that shower and toilet area are clean for use. Have clean towels ready for those guests who have not brought their own.
  • If you have a hot tubs, spa, or swimming pool ensure that they are clean and fit for use.
  • Ensure there are ample of parking area for your guest.
  • Assign areas such as open area, patio, garage, or specific rooms for smoking guest.


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