Swinging Parties

Swinger's Parties Con't

Safe Sex at swinger’s parties – While STD's has never been a problem among swingers', safe sex is vast becoming more "important" in the swinging community. The uses of condoms are just common sense by many swingers. Those who are offended by the use of condoms are considered irresponsible and selfish.

Group Sex at parties – Most party and events will have a room set up just for group sex. If you, your partner and your swinging friends are looking for more privacy there are also rooms for that matter. Remember, the right to refuse still applies in this room.

As a party host – Good party host should anticipate the needs of their guest by having plenty of clean towels, wash cloths, and clean sheets on the beds available. Those who are good party host would give a tour of their house, showing the whereabouts of the bathrooms, bedrooms and explain what bedrooms are to be used for what activity to their guests.

The use of you favorite sex toy – all guest are most welcome to use their sex toys at any swinger’s party or events. The responsibility is back on you to ensure that your sex toys are always clean before and after each use. Also make sure that you use a condoms on them too.



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