Swinging Parties

Swinger's Parties Con't

Cleanliness at party and events – Those who are well groomed and clean are always popular then those who aren't at parties and events. Therefore, always shower and shaved before attending and make yours and other’s party experience enjoyable.

It is always nice to be prepared and take along any toiletries that you may need for the party or events such as towel and etc.

Swinger Party “Tickets” – We don’t mean the ticket to get into a party or the event, but what we mean by “tickets” is someone who attends a swinging party or event with another, just for the sake for getting that person into the party and has no intention of swinging. Never do such things as will for sure get you banned from any party or event.

Your rights’ to say “no” – Whenever you or your partner feels uninterested, uncomfortable, or for any other reason simply say “no thank you”. No reasons or explanation is required to be given. By doing so you are being polite with no hurt feelings.

Alcohol and Drugs – Many swinger’s parties and events are BYOB. Social drinking is consider okay, but know your body’s limit and only drink moderately. As for drugs, they are all prohibited from swinger parties.



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