Swinging Parties

Swinger's Parties

Swinging, like most things you would expect rules, especially when it comes to parties and events. When we say rules don’t think of them as something strict, think of it as something that allows you and your partner to have a more enjoyable and safer experience while attending swinger’s parties and events.

Let’s have a look at what they are:

Swinger’s party or event timeliness – when attending any swinger’s party or events it is important that you and your partner arrive on time. Arriving “fashionably late” is not considered cool.

Swinger’s party or event invitations – when you are invited to parties or events it is always polite to reply by the RSPV date. This is because any party or event requires a bit of preparation and it is always nice for the host to know who and how many are attending so they can organize food, snacks, rooms, and beds.

Arriving at swinger’s party – It is considered by bad manners for either partner to arrive or leave alone at any party or event. So when you attend a swinger party arrive and leave with your partner.


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