Swinging Parties

Dress for the Occasion

There is nothing more embarrassing then dressing up for the wrong occasion. The way you should dress would greatly depend on what party or event you are attending. Here are some tips for you:

  • For off-premises events and parties such as dances or social gathering, it is most common for swingers to dress up or wear fairly sexy clothing.
  • At on-premises parties and events dress codes tend to be more causal, since nudity is a common outcome of events for many. It is recommended that you bring along a robe or kimono so you do not have to put your clothes back on after undressing. We also suggest that avoid small and expensive jewelry that might get lost.
  • If there is a theme to the party or event, dress for the occasion and have fun.

At any time when you and your partner are in doubt, ask your host, or if it a club, ask the club or other club members. No matter what you wear remember that you are should be comfortable, neat, and clean.

For those ladies out there, sexy dressing will make the best impression. While for men, dress smart and casual proves to be most attractive.

Lastly remember most clubs refuse entry for those who are dressed up in jeans, running shoes, singlets, and throngs.


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